1. Article I: Membership

    1. These are the By Laws of the Greater Chattanooga Darting Association Incorporated, hereafter referred to as GCDA.
    2. Each application for membership shall be submitted in writing and shall be accompanied by a non-refundable advanced membership dues payment for one (1) full season. The advanced dues, however will be refunded if the application for membership is not approved.

    3. Each application for membership shall be received by the League Council and shall require a majority vote of the League Council members, or the council appointed committee, to ratify the membership.

    4. Membership in the GCDA shall not convey to any member the right to violate; 1) any city, county, township, state or federal law, or 2) any declaration of rule or prohibition of trespass made by property owner or his employees on private property. Members violating such law, declaration of rule, or prohibition of trespass shall be subject to having their membership terminated.

    Article II: Termination Of Membership

    1. Any member with unbecoming conduct or committing any act prejudicial to the best interest of the league or/and against whom such charges are sustained after an opportunity to appear before the League Council, by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the League Council, may be expelled from membership. Upon such action by the League Council, the secretary shall notify the member in writing of said action with further explanation of the reasons thereof.

    2. In case of the resignation or expulsion of any member, the secretary shall publish such action to the general membership.

    Article III: Dues

    1. Individual dues are to be determined by the League Council and are good for (1) season.

    2. Sponsor fees are to be determined by the League Council and are good for one (1) season only.

    3. All dues must be submitted at the specified date(s) in accordance to the league's rule of play.
    4. Failure to submit all dues will be subject to penalty as described in the league's rules of play. The League Council in certain circumstances can give special consideration.

    Article IV: Government

    1. Statement of intent: As simply as possible to effectively administer and promote the GCDA League.

    2. The governing body of the GCDA shall be the League Council..

    3. The League Council shall:
      1. Be elected by a majority vote of the team captains or acting captains.
      2. Be comprised of four Executive Officers, (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer); three Directors each with an assigned GCDA area sector, Rules and Protest Chairperson, Special Events Chairperson, and an American Darts Organization (ADO) Representative.

    4. Any vacancy on the League Council shall be filled by the majority vote of the team captains. This appointment will serve until the next regular election.  In the interim, the President may appoint a member in good standing to fill a vacancy until the next captain's meeting.

    5. Council Members whose performance is determined to be derelict or negligent or whose actions are not in the best interest of the GCDA may be expelled by the League Council, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote to be ratified by the team captains at the next scheduled captain's meeting.

    6. any decision of the League Council or Rules and Protest Committee can be overturned by a 2/3 vote of the Captains to overturn the decision.

    Article V: Duties Of The League Council

    1. The President shall schedule (call) and preside over organization and League Council meetings, to include calendar and meeting agenda. The President is also responsible for ensuring that the members of the league council and the scorekeeper are performing their duties. The President shall also be responsible for signing contracts, corporate paperwork, and tax returns in the name of GCDA, with the approval of the league council or the captains as the case may be.

    2. The Vice President shall be on all committees and preside at organizational and League Council meetings where the President is unable to attend. Also acts as TDO representative.

    3. The Secretary shall keep permanent minutes of the meetings of the League Council and organization. This is to include maintaining, recording, filing correspondence, and filing of coporate papers.

    4. The Treasurer shall issue notices of dues payable and be responsible for the collection there of, keep the books of the organization, keep inventory records of all physical equipment, maintain adequate supplies of required paper products, maintain and distribute all required patches and awards (not to include plaques), distribute funds as required and shall report as requested by the League Council on the financial condition of the organization. The Treasurer shall be responsible for fililg both State and Federal Taxes. The treasurer shall prepare a report for his/her successor.

    5. Each Director At Large shall be the representative of a GCDA region. These regions shall be determined at the beginning of each season according to pub participation; Each director shall gather information from that region for any newsletter or other mechanism utilized by league for sharing of league information such as the league's website, insure that each pub in the respective region maintains acceptable match play conditions which includes proper measurement of boards and toe lines. Any discrepancies or rules violations shall be reported to the Rules and Protest Chairperson prior to the start of next scheduled match play. They shall voice decisions as well as chair various committees as the League Council deems appropriate.

    6. The Rules And Protest Chairperson shall preside over his/her committee, composed of selected team captains representative of team play; in the decision of protest and rules interpretation (exclusive of Bylaws). Modifications or additions to existing rules for match play shall be presented to the League Council for approval by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the team captains or acting captains at a regularly scheduled captains meeting. The Rules and Protest Chairperson has to approve any points reduction by the scorekeeper.

    7. The Special Events Chairperson shall be responsible for the coordination of sanctioned tournament play, the ordering and presentation of seasonal awards, divisional playoffs and final, and planning/administering all activities other than scheduled league match play.

    8. The ADO Representative shall maintain active and up to date correspondence with the appropriate ADO Area Director and/or Manager, and make necessary reports to the Council. The ADO Representative shall make arrangements for, and oversee all local qualifying events for sanctioned ADO Regional and National events.


      Acceptance of one of these elected offices assumes that the individual will attend all meetings and perform the duties of the office. Excessive absenteeism will serve as reason for removal from office.

    Article VI:Scorekeeper

      The scorekeeper is recognized as the only paid position in the league. The scorekeeper is selected by the majority vote of the council. Scorekeeper is selected by submission of bid to the CouncilĀ and bid or bids are evaluated by the council to determine best bid for best interest of the league. Duties of the scorekeeper are to impartially maintain standings sheets, the web page, and to maintain the post office box. The League Council can dismiss the Scorekeeper for nonperformance, late performance or malfeasants in the duties of the Scorekeeper by a 2/3 majority of the League Council.

      Article VII: Elections

      1. The following League Council offices shall be elected for two (2) year terms; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Special Events Chairperson, Rules & Protest Chairperson.  All other council positions are elected for one-year terms.   Elections for the offices of President, Secretary, and Special Events shall be held in years ending in an even number (2010, 2012, 2014, etc.).  Elections for Treasurer, Vice President, and Rules and Protest Chairperson shall be held in years ending in odd numbers (2011, 2013, 2015, etc.).  To be nominated for the positions of President or Treasurer, the person must have served one full year on the council.  For the offices of Vice President and Rules & Protest Chairperson, it is strongly recommended the person have served one year on the council or appropriate committee. Annual elections of the League Council shall be in the month of February.

      2. Not less than thirty (30) days prior, preferably the regular scheduled meeting prior to the February election date, the League Council will entertain nominations for officers from the captains.

      3. Additional names may be placed in nomination from the floor of the organization's annual election meeting, if seconded, anytime prior to balloting.

      4. At the annual election the team captains or acting captains shall elect appropriate League Council members.  They must be members in good standings to be elected.

      5. Since voting shall be by team captains or acting captains, no team shall cast more than one (1) vote. Proxies and absentee ballots shall not be recognized. Ballots will be distributed by roll call only.

      6. Ballots are to be counted by a non-partisan committee appointed at the election.

      7. New League Council members shall work with the outgoing League Council until March 16, and be installed into office March 16.

      Article VIII: Committees

      1. The President shall determine the committees deemed proper and necessary to fulfill the objectives and purpose of this organization.

      2. Any League Council member will be permitted to sit on any committee meeting and shall be ex-officio member of all committees.

      Article IX: Voting

      1. Every team in good standing has one vote on GCDA activities provided by the team captain or acting captain.

      Article X: Authority To Bind

      1. No member of this organization shall contract or incur debt or enter into any agreement or otherwise obligate this organization except by authorization of the League Council.

      2. Any administrative purchase above $1500.00 or more, or long term contracts (12 month or more), must be approved by a simple majority of the captains.

      3. Contracts must be signed by the President, or acting President with the consent of the League Council or the Captains.

      4. A two-thirds majority vote of the council may approve a $1500.00 tournament.  Any amount greater than this must be approved by the Captains.

      Article XI: Rules Of Order

      1. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings.

      Article XII: Amendments

    1. These By-laws may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the captains at the second reading of the proposed amendment(s) to the league captains at a regularly scheduled meeting.
      1. The Rules of Play may be amended by the majority vote of the Captains. The Secretary shall prepare any amendments to the ByLaws to be filed with the yearly corporation papers.

      Amended according to Article XI on December 21, 1991, May 9, 1998, July 22, 2002, November 7, 2005, March 29, 2010 and April 2, 2012 and December 2nd 2013.

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