Thad Moore

Dart #:   1681
Last 5 Years PPD: 11.3
Career PPD: 11.6 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
Ship of Fools2014wintuesdayB83511.2
Ship of Fools2014faltuesdayC7269.5
Ship of Fools2013wintuesdayC122311.4
Ship of Fools2013sumtuesdayC0N/A14.1
Ship of Fools2013faltuesdayB73710.6
Ship of Fools2012wintuesdayD93411.8
Ship of Fools2012sumtuesdayD53112.8
Ship of Fools2012faltuesdayC63113.2
Ship of Fools2011wintuesdayD152813.3
Ship of Fools2011sumtuesdayD123212.4
Ship of Fools2011faltuesdayC64311.1
Ship of Fools2010wintuesdayD02914
Ship of Fools2010sumtuesdayC122712.6
Ship of Fools2010faltuesdayD55511.7
Crash & Burn2009wintuesdayD6309.3
Crash & Burn2009sumtuesdayB53411.9
Crash & Burn2009faltuesdayC143011.9
Drunk And Disorderly2008wintuesdayD3N/A10.8
Drunk & Disorderly2008sumtuesdayC33113.8
Crash & Burn2008faltuesdayA62913.5
Drunk & Disorderly2007sumtuesdayA24010.2
Drunk & Disorderly2007faltuesdayC63012.8
Drunk & Disorderly2006wintuesdayB0N/A12.7
Drunk & Disorderly2006sumtuesdayB112713.3
Drunk & Disorderly2006faltuesdayB132612.5
Ship of Fools2020wintues6D2409.6
Ship of Fools2020sumtues6C154211.9
Ship of Fools2019wintues6B193111.5
Ship of Fools2019sumtues6C64110.5
Ship of Fools2019faltues6C74310.6
Ship of Fools2018wintues6A113014.3
Ship of Fools2018sumtues6B103311.5
Ship of Fools2018faltues6C73211.8
Ship of Fools2017wintues6C153210.9
Ship of Fools2017sumtues6C112810.3
Ship of Fools2017faltues6C52711.3
Ship of Fools2016wintues6C83210.8
Ship of Fools2016sumtues6C32712
Ship of Fools2016faltues6C113212.3
Ship of Fools2015wintues6C152611.7
Ship of Fools2015sumtues6C103510.6
Ship of Fools2015faltues6C53712.8
Thursday Night League
Full of Bull2017sumthursdayB56711
Full of Bull2006sumthursdayB0N/AN/A

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