Rob Nelson

Dart #:   2114
Last 5 Years PPD: 14.4
Career PPD: 16.1 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
Easy Strokin2008wintuesdayD232616.6
Robs Sand Baggers2008sumtuesdayA382117.7
Wasted Moes2008faltuesdayAA222117.3
Ton of Bull2007sumtuesdayA231717.9
Ton of Bull2007faltuesdayA301917.5
Ton of Bull2006wintuesdayD312417.9
Ton Of Bull2006sumtuesdayB192415.6
Ton of Bull2006faltuesdayC262515.7
Corks & Cues2017wintues6D0N/AN/A
High Flyers2016wintues6B302015.5
High Flyers2016sumtues6C252317
High Flyers2015faltues6B351911.4
Thursday Night League
Corks & Cues2018winthursdayB582315.3
Corks & Cues2018sumthursdayB262615.1
Corks & Cues2018falthursdayB192814.4
Corks & Cues2017winthursdayD381914.5
Corks & Cues2017sumthursdayC242412.7
Corks & Cues2017falthursdayC252714.3
Bull Bandits2015sumthursdayB152416.1
What? Huh?2010winthursdayA412518.2
What? Huh?2010sumthursdayA122022.7
Zen Masters & Grasshoppers2010falthursdayA0N/AN/A
Hind Tit2009falthursdayA911621
Here for the Beer2008winthursdayB352415.9
Knuckle Nuts2008sumthursdayB452218.8
Bad Company2008falthursdayA132618.1

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