Mike Patterson

Dart #:   320
Last 5 Years PPD: 18.7
Career PPD: 18.6 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
Hard 2 Watch-AA2014wintuesdayA512117
Hard 2 Watch2014sumtuesdayA531818.6
Hard 2 Watch2014faltuesdayA541618.3
Hard to Watch2013wintuesdayAA411918.2
Hard to Watch2013sumtuesdayAA52615.9
Hard 2 Watch2013faltuesdayAA302119.6
Hard To Watch-AA2012wintuesdayA461717.9
Hard to Watch2012sumtuesdayAA142117.2
Hard to Watch2012faltuesdayA212317
Hard To Watch2011wintuesdayAA661519.2
Poe Boys / YEEEP2011sumtuesdayAA432318.3
Hard to Watch2010wintuesdayA1171520.9
Hard To Watch2010sumtuesdayAA82420.2
Hard To Watch2009wintuesdayA452118.9
Hard To Watch2008wintuesdayAA381817.8
Hard 2 Watch2008sumtuesdayA541918.2
Hard 2 Watch2008faltuesdayAA171621.5
Hard 2 Watch2007sumtuesdayA282317.5
Hard to Watch2007faltuesdayA641819.4
Hard to Watch2006wintuesdayA811618.9
Drive By Shooters2020wintuesAAA162815.1
Drive By Shooters2020sumtuesAAA00N/A
Drive by Shooters2019wintuesAAA1722019.6
Drive By Shooters2019sumtuesAAA1312119.7
Drive by Shooters2019faltuesAAA0N/AN/A
Drive By Shooters2018sumtuesAAA1411521
Drive by Shooters2018faltuesAAA1191820.6
Hard 2 Watch2018wintues6AA961818.5
Hard 2 Watch2017wintues6A831918.4
Hard 2 Watch2017sumtues6A612218.6
Hard 2 Watch2017faltues6AA671919.1
Hard 2 Watch2016wintues6A701819
Hard 2 Watch2016faltues6A751817.5
Hard 2 Watch2015wintues6A462218.5
Hard 2 Watch2015sumtues6A223014.8
Hard 2 Watch2015faltues6A302020.4
Thursday Night League
Right There & Next Door2020winthursdayA302415.2
Right There & Next Door2020sumthursdayA00N/A
Right There & Next Door2019winthursdayAA1171920
Right There & Next Door2019sumthursdayA1181621.8
Right There & Next Door2019falthursdayA0N/AN/A
Hard To Watch2011falthursdayA511719.1

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