Kirstie Caraway

Dart #:   5798
Last 5 Years PPD: 10.7
Career PPD: 10.9 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
Trippin Demons2019winwedsA373511.2
Redneck Drinking Team2013faltuesdayC73110.5
Yard Dogs2008wintuesdayC53312.8
Yard Dawgs2007sumtuesdayE103211.4
Yard Dogs2007faltuesdayE10389.5
Yard Dawgs2006wintuesdayE73911.1
Crown Over2006sumtuesdayE73311.8
Yard Dawgs2006faltuesdayD113411.2
Double Vision2019wintues6A182913
Double Vision2018faltues6A23513.8
Bangin Neighbors2016sumtues6C142812.6
Thursday Night League
Talk Darty to Me2019winthursdayA443612
Talk Darty to Me2019sumthursdayB253311.7
Talk Darty to Me2019falthursdayB00N/A
Right There2018winthursdayD847-16.8
Kings & Their Queens2018sumthursdayC112614.2
Talk Darty to Me2018falthursdayD143611.7
Wanted Dead or Alive2017winthursdayC234011.1
Lucky Darts2017sumthursdayD223111.8
Wanted Dead or Alive2016winthursdayC314411.2
Wanted Dead or Alive2016sumthursdayC223610.7
Wanted Dead or Alive!2016falthursdayC5518.8
Wanted Dead or Alive2015winthursdayE422711.5
Wanted Dead or Alive2015sumthursdayC173412.1
Wanted Dead or Alive2015falthursdayC153910
Wanted Dead or Alive2014winthursdayC333512
Wanted Dead or Alive2014sumthursdayC16579.8
Wanted Dead or Alive2014falthursdayC142212.3
Wanted Dead or Alive2013winthursdayD253011.3
Wanted Dead or Alive2013sumthursdayC172613
Wanted Dead or Alive2013falthursdayC193810.1
Late Night Munchies2012falthursdayC143112.6
Rebel Dogs2010sumthursdayC183212.2

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