Tonya Ramagos

Dart #:   9329
Last 5 Years PPD: 10.6
Career PPD: 10.3 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
Ship of Fools2014faltuesdayC63311.3
Ship of Fools2018wintues6A93711.3
Ship of Fools2018sumtues6B83411.7
Ship of Fools2017wintues6C6389.2
Ship of Fools2017sumtues6C52810.7
Ship of Fools2017faltues6C3369.6
Ship of Fools2016wintues6C7369.8
Ship of Fools2016sumtues6C24110
Ship of Fools2016faltues6C83111.4
Ship of Fools2015wintues6C123710.4
Ship of Fools2015sumtues6C7619.2
Ship of Fools2015faltues6C34110.6
Thursday Night League
Havin Fun2019winthursdayB133511.4
Havin Fun2019sumthursdayC63611.1
Havin Fun2018winthursdayC75610.8
Havin Fun2018falthursdayB73213
Havin Fun2017winthursdayE114710.2
Full of Bull2017sumthursdayB6539.7
Havin Fun2017falthursdayC13409.8
Havin Fun2016winthursdayD8N/A8.9
714 INC2015winthursdayB46411.1
Havin Fun2015falthursdayD94111.3
Oh Hell2014winthursdayC183810.5
Havin Fun2014falthursdayD153411.7
O Hell!2013winthursdayD153510.1
Havin Hell2013sumthursdayD11499.7
Oh Hell2013falthursdayC8549
O Hell!2012winthursdayD16518.4
O Hell!2012falthursdayD18358.2

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