Julie Campbell

Dart #:   9584
Last 5 Years PPD: 11.1
Career PPD: 11.3 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
The Pod2021falwedsB3N/A12.2
The Clique2020falwedsA03911.3
Almost There2017winwedsA33813.2
Beware Sleeping Dogs2016winwedsA1N/AN/A
Almost There2016falwedsA23313.2
Half & 1/22021wintuesAAA0N/AN/A
Half & 1/22020wintuesAAB0N/AN/A
Half & 1/2 B2020sumtuesAAB1N/A13.8
Half & 1/2 B2020faltuesAAB2N/A13.3
Nothin But a G thang2019wintues6B54310.8
Nothin But a G thang2019sumtues6B0N/A9.9
Nothin But a G thang2019faltues6A0N/A9.8
Cold Darted Women2018wintues6B44210.5
Cold Darted Women2018sumtues6A53112.3
Nothin But a G Thang2018faltues6B44912.3
Cold Darted Women2017wintues6B52811.2
Cold Darted Women2017sumtues6B75510.7
Cold Darted Women2017faltues6B43110.3
Cold Darted Women2016wintues6B1N/AN/A
Cold Darted Women2016sumtues6B62912
Cold Darted Women2016faltues6B23611.6
High & Tight2015sumtues6A112612.9
High & Tight2015faltues6B153411.3
Thursday Night League
Kicking & Screaming2022winthursdayA0N/AN/A
Ah Bullspit2021falthursdayA2N/A11.2
The KMA Club2020sumthursdayA0N/AN/A
Flight Risks2018sumthursdayA1N/A13.6
Meow Mix2015falthursdayB2N/A11.3

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