Roger Tennant

Dart #:   9684
Last 5 Years PPD: 17.5
Career PPD: 17.4 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
Dart Up!2017winwedsA82718.5
Dart Up!2017sumwedsA252415.7
Drive by Shooters2021wintuesAAA1391619.9
Drive By Shooters2020wintuesAAA1181819.5
Drive By Shooters2020sumtuesAAA1041518.9
Drive by Shooters2020faltuesAAA641819.2
Ship of Fools2018sumtues6B292116.2
Black Sheep2017sumtues6B0N/AN/A
Thursday Night League
Right There & Next Door2021winthursdayA1281920.4
Right There & Next Door2020winthursdayA961919.2
Right There & Next Door2020sumthursdayA313315.7
Right There & Next Door2020falthursdayA0N/AN/A
Havin Fun2019winthursdayB1532017.4
Havin Fun2019sumthursdayC681819
Sons of Darts II2019falthursdayA962016.9
Havin Fun2018winthursdayC712416.9
Havin Fun2018falthursdayB582118.1
Havin Fun2017winthursdayE682814.9
Havin Fun2017falthursdayC473013.7
Havin Fun2016winthursdayD112914.2
Havin Fun2016falthursdayE452213.7

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