Roger Tennant

Dart #:   9684
Last 5 Years PPD: 18.4
Career PPD: 18 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
Drive by Shooters2021falwedsA1401822
Dart Up!2017winwedsA82718.5
Dart Up!2017sumwedsA252415.7
Drive by Shooters2021wintuesAAA1391619.9
Drive by Shooters2021sumtuesAAA1061922
Drive By Shooters2020wintuesAAA1181819.5
Drive By Shooters2020sumtuesAAA1041518.9
Drive by Shooters2020faltuesAAA641819.2
Ship of Fools2018sumtues6B292116.2
Black Sheep2017sumtues6B0N/AN/A
Thursday Night League
Right There & Next Door2021winthursdayA1431920.3
Right There & Next Door2021sumthursdayA1031621.9
Right There & Next Door2021falthursdayAA1041619.1
Right There & Next Door2020winthursdayA961919.2
Right There & Next Door2020sumthursdayA313315.7
Right There & Next Door2020falthursdayA0N/AN/A
Havin Fun2019winthursdayB1532017.4
Havin Fun2019sumthursdayC681819
Sons of Darts II2019falthursdayA962016.9
Havin Fun2018winthursdayC712416.9
Havin Fun2018falthursdayB582118.1
Havin Fun2017winthursdayE682814.9
Havin Fun2017falthursdayC473013.7
Havin Fun2016winthursdayD112914.2
Havin Fun2016falthursdayE452213.7

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