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week: 1 2018-09-18
Hart Foundation (16) Double Vision (2) Mayos
Deez Nuts (11) Thunderstruck (7) VFW Post #1289
Ship of Fools (12) Mayos Mad Dawgs (6) Diamond Billiard Club
VFW All-Starz BYE VFW Post #1289 
Nothin But a G Thang Zabotage Mayos 
Black Sheep (8) Misfit Toys (10) VFW Post #1289
Raptors (6) Hard 2 Watch (12) Mitchs
week: 2 2018-09-25
Thunderstruck BYE Buds Sports Bar 
Mayos Mad Dawgs Deez Nuts Mayos 
VFW All-Starz Ship of Fools VFW Post #1289 
Hard 2 Watch Double Vision Mayos 
Raptors Hart Foundation Mitchs 
Nothin But a G Thang Black Sheep Mayos 
Zabotage Misfit Toys Ziggys 
week: 3 2018-10-02
Deez Nuts VFW All-Starz VFW Post #1289 
Thunderstruck Mayos Mad Dawgs Buds Sports Bar 
Ship of Fools BYE Diamond Billiard Club 
Misfit Toys Nothin But a G Thang Mayos 
Black Sheep Zabotage VFW Post #1289 
Double Vision Raptors VFW Post #1289 
Hart Foundation Hard 2 Watch Mayos 
week: 4 2018-10-09
Double Vision Hart Foundation VFW Post #1289 
Zabotage Nothin But a G Thang Ziggys 
Misfit Toys Black Sheep Mayos 
Ship of Fools Thunderstruck Diamond Billiard Club 
Deez Nuts BYE VFW Post #1289 
VFW All-Starz Mayos Mad Dawgs VFW Post #1289 
Hard 2 Watch Raptors Mayos 

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