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week: 1 2018-09-20
Cherry Seekers Right There & Next Door Sweet Melissas 
Crosshairs The Dartside Buds Sports Bar 
Dart Slingers Talk Darty to Me` VFW Post #1289 
A-1 Darts BYE Sweet Melissas 
Cousys Party Gang Flaccid Pumas Ronnies 
Fukital Law & Disorder CBC East 
Houdini Riders Havin Fun Robs 
3 A & Us Black Sheep Mitchs 
Misfit Toys Corks & Cues Mayos 
Bangin the Neighbors Silver Bullets VFW Post #1289 
Trippin Out Blind Squirrels VFW Post #1289 
week: 2 2018-09-27
Black Sheep Houdini Riders VFW Post #1289 
Havin Fun Misfit Toys VFW Post #1289 
Right There & Next Door Trippin Out VFW Post #1289 
Blind Squirrels Bangin the Neighbors Diamond Billiard Club 
Corks & Cues 3 A & Us Robs 
Fukital BYE CBC East 
Flaccid Pumas A-1 Darts Ziggys 
Law & Disorder Cousys Party Gang Sweet Melissas 
Crosshairs Dart Slingers Buds Sports Bar 
The Dartside Talk Darty to Me` VFW Post #1289 
Silver Bullets Cherry Seekers Sweet Melissas 

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