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week: 1 2019-09-17
Nothin But a G thang Hard 2 Watch Mayos 
Ship of Fools S.A.D.D. Diamond Billiard Club 
Mitchs Extras VFW All Starz Mitchs 
Jockos Gang Mayos Mad Dawgs Home Plate 
Thunderstruck Raptors Buds Sports Bar 
Shootin At It Blvd Shooters VFW Post #4848 
Flatliners Zabotage Mayos 
No Name Required Double Troubles Mayos 
week: 2 2019-09-24
Zabotage Shootin At It Ziggys 
Double Troubles Hard 2 Watch Sweet Melissas 
VFW All Starz Ship of Fools VFW Post #1289 
S.A.D.D. Jockos Gang Diamond Billiard Club 
Mayos Mad Dawgs Mitchs Extras Mayos 
Raptors Flatliners Mitchs 
Blvd Shooters Thunderstruck Brew & Cue 
No Name Required Nothin But a G thang Mayos 
week: 3 2019-10-01
Mayos Mad Dawgs S.A.D.D. Mayos 
Ship of Fools Mitchs Extras Diamond Billiard Club 
Thunderstruck Zabotage Buds Sports Bar 
Raptors Blvd Shooters Mitchs 
Shootin At It Flatliners VFW Post #4848 
Hard 2 Watch No Name Required Mayos 
Nothin But a G thang Double Troubles Mayos 
Jockos Gang VFW All Starz Home Plate 

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