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week: 1 2022-06-09
Right There & Next Door (11) Silver Bullets (7) VFW Post #1289
Misfit Darters (4) Bullistic (14) Sweet Melissas
Unusual Suspects (11) Tight 3-Sum (7) Sweet Melissas
Who Darted? (11) Talk Darty to Me (7) VFW Post #4848
Trips 4 Ages (9) Law & Disorder (9) Mitchs
The Neighbors (11) The Dartside (7) Mitchs
Duck Fouble One (11) Wire Kisses (7) CBC East
Gone Shooting (4) Russellmania (14) Diamond Billiard Club
BYE Bullz Deep BYE 
week: 2 2022-06-16
Tight 3-Sum (9) Trips 4 Ages (9) Mitchs
Law & Disorder Misfit Darters Sweet Melissas 
Bullistic (4) Unusual Suspects (14) Diamond Billiard Club
Silver Bullets (17) Gone Shooting (1) Sweet Melissas
Talk Darty to Me (9) Duck Fouble One (9) Mitchs
Wire Kisses (3) The Neighbors (15) Sweet Melissas
The Dartside (9) Who Darted? (9) The Ridge
BYE Russellmania BYE 
Bullz Deep (13) Right There & Next Door (5) CBC East
week: 3 2022-06-23
Duck Fouble One (5) Who Darted? (13) CBC East
Misfit Darters (4) Trips 4 Ages (14) Sweet Melissas
Tight 3-Sum (10) Bullistic (8) Mitchs
Unusual Suspects (14) Law & Disorder (4) Sweet Melissas
Gone Shooting (5) Right There & Next Door (13) Diamond Billiard Club
The Dartside (11) Wire Kisses (7) The Ridge
The Neighbors (14) Talk Darty to Me (4) Mitchs
Bullz Deep (9) Russellmania (9) CBC East
BYE Silver Bullets BYE 
week: 4 2022-06-30
Talk Darty to Me Wire Kisses Mitchs 
Silver Bullets Russellmania Sweet Melissas 
Trips 4 Ages Unusual Suspects Mitchs 
Law & Disorder Bullistic Sweet Melissas 
BYE Right There & Next Door BYE 
Gone Shooting Bullz Deep Diamond Billiard Club 
Misfit Darters Tight 3-Sum Sweet Melissas 
Who Darted? The Neighbors VFW Post #4848 
Duck Fouble One The Dartside CBC East 
week: 5 2022-07-07
BYE Gone Shooting BYE 
Unusual Suspects Misfit Darters Sweet Melissas 
Tight 3-Sum Law & Disorder Mitchs 
Bullistic Trips 4 Ages Diamond Billiard Club 
Wire Kisses Who Darted? Sweet Melissas 
The Dartside Talk Darty to Me The Ridge 
The Neighbors Duck Fouble One Mitchs 
Bullz Deep Silver Bullets CBC East 
Russellmania Right There & Next Door CBC East 
week: 6 2022-07-14
Talk Darty to Me Who Darted? Mitchs 
Wire Kisses Duck Fouble One Sweet Melissas 
The Dartside The Neighbors The Ridge 
Russellmania Gone Shooting CBC East 
BYE Bullz Deep BYE 
Tight 3-Sum Unusual Suspects Mitchs 
Bullistic Misfit Darters Diamond Billiard Club 
Law & Disorder Trips 4 Ages Sweet Melissas 
Silver Bullets Right There & Next Door Sweet Melissas 
week: 7 2022-07-21
BYE Russellmania BYE 
Gone Shooting Silver Bullets Diamond Billiard Club 
Right There & Next Door Bullz Deep VFW Post #1289 
Misfit Darters Law & Disorder Sweet Melissas 
The Neighbors Wire Kisses Mitchs 
Duck Fouble One Talk Darty to Me CBC East 
Who Darted? The Dartside VFW Post #4848 
Unusual Suspects Bullistic Sweet Melissas 
Trips 4 Ages Tight 3-Sum Mitchs 
week: 8 2022-07-28
Russellmania Bullz Deep CBC East 
Right There & Next Door Gone Shooting VFW Post #1289 
Talk Darty to Me The Neighbors Mitchs 
Wire Kisses The Dartside Sweet Melissas 
Who Darted? Duck Fouble One VFW Post #4848 
BYE Silver Bullets BYE 
Trips 4 Ages Misfit Darters Mitchs 
Bullistic Tight 3-Sum Diamond Billiard Club 
Law & Disorder Unusual Suspects Sweet Melissas 
week: 9 2022-08-04
Russellmania Silver Bullets CBC East 
The Dartside Duck Fouble One The Ridge 
The Neighbors Who Darted? Mitchs 
Wire Kisses Talk Darty to Me Sweet Melissas 
Bullistic Law & Disorder Diamond Billiard Club 
Unusual Suspects Trips 4 Ages Sweet Melissas 
Tight 3-Sum Misfit Darters Mitchs 
BYE Right There & Next Door BYE 
Bullz Deep Gone Shooting CBC East 
week: 10 2022-08-11
Trips 4 Ages Bullistic Mitchs 
Talk Darty to Me The Dartside Mitchs 
Who Darted? Wire Kisses VFW Post #4848 
Right There & Next Door Russellmania VFW Post #1289 
BYE Gone Shooting BYE 
Silver Bullets Bullz Deep Sweet Melissas 
Misfit Darters Unusual Suspects Sweet Melissas 
Law & Disorder Tight 3-Sum Sweet Melissas 
Duck Fouble One The Neighbors CBC East 

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