A Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
Drive by Shooters 171 - 0 - 01
3.5 Men 101 - 0 - 01
Whats a Double? 80 - 1 - 01
The Goonies 10 - 1 - 01

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Chuck Goins18 Drive by Shooters
Jonathan Wages "Blu"19 3.5 Men
Nick Smith21 Drive by Shooters
Mike Patterson22 Drive by Shooters
Shane Miller23 The Goonies

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Chuck Goins31 Drive by Shooters
Bobby Stokes "BeBop"27 Whats a Double?
Gary Hatcher27 Whats a Double?
Jeff Ware20 3.5 Men
Jonathan Wages "Blu"17 3.5 Men
Mark Waddell17 The Goonies
Garry Green "Slime"15 3.5 Men
Mike Patterson14 Drive by Shooters
Rick Howard8 Drive by Shooters
Nick Smith7 Drive by Shooters
Shane Miller6 The Goonies
Roy Brock6 The Goonies
A J Buckman3 The Goonies
Ron Rice3 Whats a Double?
Chris Gayler0 Drive by Shooters
Josh Blevins0 Whats a Double?
Jon Hodge0 Whats a Double?
Charlie Williford "Mudd"0 Whats a Double?
Chris Martin0 3.5 Men
Todd Bradford0 3.5 Men
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2019-01-15
Whats a Double? (8) 3.5 Men (10) Diamond Billiard Club
Drive by Shooters (17) The Goonies (1) VFW Post #1289
week: 2 2018-01-22
The Goonies 3.5 Men VFW Post #1289 
Drive by Shooters Whats a Double? VFW Post #1289 
week: 3 2018-01-29
Whats a Double? The Goonies Diamond Billiard Club 
3.5 Men Drive by Shooters VFW Post #1289 

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