A Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
No Name Required 131 - 0 - 01
Sons of Darts 101 - 0 - 01
Hard 2 Watch 80 - 1 - 01
Double Vision 50 - 1 - 01

High In:
   by  Horace Bowling    ( Sons of Darts)

High Out:
   by  Dave Alvord    ( Sons of Darts)

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Leslie Bain19 No Name Required
Beaver Potterfield19 Hard 2 Watch
Lisa Ayers20 No Name Required
Kevin Goins22 Double Vision
Mike Johnston23 Double Vision

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Robert Essary10 Sons of Darts
Beaver Potterfield9 Hard 2 Watch
Horace Bowling8 Sons of Darts
Kisha Stiles6 Double Vision
Lisa Ayers6 No Name Required
Dave Alvord6 Sons of Darts
Leslie Bain5 No Name Required
Danny Moody5 Double Vision
Kevin Goins4 Double Vision
Misty Cochran4 Hard 2 Watch
Dewayne Merritt4 Sons of Darts
Kyle McNabb4 No Name Required
Jacob Tobler3 Hard 2 Watch
Rick Mayo3 Hard 2 Watch
Mike Johnston2 Double Vision
Kirstie Caraway2 Double Vision
Lloyd Hoover2 No Name Required
Ashly Graves2 Double Vision
Tom Tripp2 Sons of Darts
Archie Smith1 Hard 2 Watch
Tammy Brenner1 No Name Required
Mike Chambers1 Sons of Darts
Eric Kuntz1 No Name Required
Jeremy Booth0 Hard 2 Watch
Dani Warmack0 Hard 2 Watch
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2019-01-15
Sons of Darts (10) Hard 2 Watch (8) VFW Post #1289
Double Vision (5) No Name Required (13) VFW Post #1289
week: 2 2019-01-22
No Name Required Hard 2 Watch Mayos 
Double Vision Sons of Darts VFW Post #1289 
week: 3 2019-01-29
Sons of Darts No Name Required VFW Post #1289 
Hard 2 Watch Double Vision Mayos 

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