B Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
Deez Nuts 121 - 0 - 01
Raptors 121 - 0 - 01
Zabotage 111 - 0 - 01
Ship of Fools 70 - 1 - 01
Black Sheep 60 - 1 - 01
Nothin But a G thang 60 - 1 - 01

High In:
   by  Dale Williams    ( Black Sheep)

High Out:
   by  Chip Fann    ( Deez Nuts)

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Dan Carter22 Deez Nuts
Jammie Campbell23 Nothin But a G thang
Tom Ellis24 Deez Nuts
Chip Fann25 Deez Nuts
Tom Elsner27 Raptors

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Tom Ellis11 Deez Nuts
Dan Carter6 Deez Nuts
Michael Ozzanto6 Deez Nuts
Chip Fann6 Deez Nuts
Mitch Brady, Jr.6 Raptors
Jammie Campbell5 Nothin But a G thang
Steve Rogers5 Zabotage
Michael Dicker4 Black Sheep
Chris Brown "Rookie"4 Black Sheep
John Cline4 Raptors
Steve Rachels4 Raptors
Tom Elsner4 Raptors
Christine Durham Smith3 Nothin But a G thang
Mike Thompson3 Zabotage
Clay Garner3 Black Sheep
Dale Williams3 Black Sheep
Ian Emslie3 Ship of Fools
Chuck Adams "Ivory"3 Black Sheep
Samantha Lowe3 Zabotage
Heather Howard3 Ship of Fools
Chad Sanders2 Deez Nuts
Tim Cunningham2 Raptors
Seth Barlow2 Zabotage
Randy L. Carr2 Raptors
Becky Thompson1 Nothin But a G thang
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2019-01-15
Zabotage (11) Ship of Fools (7) Ziggys
Deez Nuts (12) Black Sheep (6) VFW Post #1289
Raptors (12) Nothin But a G thang (6) Mitchs
week: 2 2019-01-22
Ship of Fools Deez Nuts Diamond Billiard Club 
Black Sheep Raptors VFW Post #1289 
Nothin But a G thang Zabotage Mayos 
week: 3 2019-01-22
Deez Nuts Zabotage VFW Post #1289 
Nothin But a G thang Black Sheep Mayos 
Raptors Ship of Fools Mitchs 

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