B Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
Tongue Stunned...Still 131 - 0 - 01
Who Darted? 91 - 0 - 01
CORK 70 - 1 - 01
That Much 50 - 1 - 01

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Katie Lopez39 CORK
Dean Duke40 Tongue Stunned...Still
Eric McClendon "E-Mac"41 CORK
Derek Manning43 Who Darted?
Joe Hanson44 Tongue Stunned...Still

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Channan McClendon7 CORK
Dean Duke5 Tongue Stunned...Still
Stephanie Thrasher4 That Much
Marty Rhodes4 Tongue Stunned...Still
Randy Rogers3 Tongue Stunned...Still
Matt Thrasher3 That Much
Keith Evans3 Who Darted?
Davina Hutton3 CORK
Katie Lopez2 CORK
Derek Manning2 Who Darted?
Elizabeth Gass2 That Much
Bert Gann2 Who Darted?
Becca McColpin2 Tongue Stunned...Still
Joe Hanson2 Tongue Stunned...Still
Ronald Thrasher1 That Much
Aaron Smith1 Who Darted?
Eric McClendon "E-Mac"1 CORK
Mike Craig0 Who Darted?
Melissa Greene0 That Much
Matthew Textor0 Who Darted?
Scott Clay0 Who Darted?
Larry Nolan0 Who Darted?
George Smith0 Who Darted?
Tim Macera0 CORK
Jeff Cook "Cookie"0 Tongue Stunned...Still
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2019-01-16
Who Darted? (11) CORK (7) CBC Downtown
Tongue Stunned...Still (13) That Much (5) Buds Sports Bar
week: 2 2019-01-23
That Much CORK Sweet Melissas 
Tongue Stunned...Still Who Darted? Buds Sports Bar 
week: 3 2019-01-30
Who Darted? That Much CBC Downtown 
CORK Tongue Stunned...Still VFW Post #1289 

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