C Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
Talk Darty to Me 141 - 0 - 01
Crosshairs 131 - 0 - 01
Just for Fun 111 - 0 - 01
Taz & the Guys 70 - 1 - 01
Zoolanders 50 - 1 - 01
DUCK 40 - 1 - 01

High Out:
   by  Dale Davis    ( Just for Fun)

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Dale Davis24 Just for Fun
Don Minor28 Crosshairs
Don Aslinger30 Talk Darty to Me
Todd McCreary32 Crosshairs
Cyndie Davis32 Just for Fun

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Don Aslinger7 Talk Darty to Me
Brian Swann6 Just for Fun
Dale Davis6 Just for Fun
Phil Gearin4 Crosshairs
Don Minor3 Crosshairs
Steve Maynor2 Taz & the Guys
Mona Cabrera "Taz"2 Taz & the Guys
Donny Minor2 Crosshairs
Todd McCreary2 Crosshairs
Charlie Mathis2 Talk Darty to Me
Amanda Patton2 Zoolanders
Robin Swann2 Just for Fun
Cyndie Davis2 Just for Fun
Donny Holland1 Zoolanders
Pam Breedlove1 Talk Darty to Me
Junior Golden1 DUCK
Duane Lewis1 DUCK
Alisha Potts "Taco"1 Talk Darty to Me
Scooter Henry0 DUCK
Damon Cothron0 DUCK
Brando Williford0 Zoolanders
Rob Glenn0 Zoolanders
Kirstie Caraway0 Talk Darty to Me
KC Weiss0 Zoolanders
Jacob Hood0 Crosshairs
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2021-01-14
DUCK (4) Talk Darty to Me (14) Robs
Just for Fun (11) Taz & the Guys (7) Sweet Melissas
Crosshairs (13) Zoolanders (5) Sweet Melissas

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