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Anyone Looking For A Team??

If anyone wants to throw in the GCDA this season and is looking for a team...
call the GCDA phone and we will do our best to find a place for you!


Hello Captains! Welcome to GCDA Winter 2019 season! GCDA will be holding elections for Vice-President, Treasurer, Rules & Protest chairperson, ADO Rep & 3 District Reps at the February Captains Meeting. Nominations for these council positions are now open and accepted on this page. To be nominated for the positions of Treasurer, the person must have served one full year on the council. For the offices of Vice President and Rules & Protest Chairperson, it is strongly recommended the person have served one year on the council. All other positions are open to any member in good standing. Additional nominations will be accepted at the January 14th Captains Meeting/Packet Pick Up. Duties of the above mentioned positions are as follows: Vice President- shall be on all committees and preside at organizational and League Council meetings where the President is unable to attend. Also acts as TDO representative. Treasurer- shall issue notices of dues payable and be responsible for the collection there of, keep the books of the organization, keep inventory records of all physical equipment, maintain adequate supplies of required paper products, maintain and distribute all required patches and awards (not to include plaques), distribute funds as required and shall report as requested by the League Council on the financial condition of the organization. Rules & Protest Chairperson- shall preside over his/her committee, composed of selected team captains representative of team play; in the decision of protest and rules interpretation (exclusive of Bylaws). The Rules and Protest Chairperson has to approve any points reduction by the scorekeeper. ADO Rep- shall maintain active and up to date correspondence with the appropriate ADO Area Director and/or Manager, and make necessary reports to the Council. The ADO Representative shall make arrangements for, and oversee all local qualifying events for sanctioned ADO Regional and National events District Rep- Each Director At Large shall be the representative of a GCDA region determined by the council (based on participation and location of bars). Each director shall gather and share with council and membership any information that is pertinent to league play, insure that each pub in the respective region maintains acceptable match play conditions which includes proper measurement of boards and toe lines. Any discrepancies or rules violations shall be reported to the Rules and Protest Chairperson prior to the start of next scheduled match play. Please consider all of the above when making nominations. Thank you!

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