B Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
New Age Outlaws 575 - 0 - 05
Dart Diggler 573 - 2 - 05
Who Darted? 403 - 1 - 04
The Other Team 401 - 3 - 15
That Much 351 - 3 - 15
Tongue Stunned...Still! 230 - 4 - 04

High In:
   by  Pat Main    ( New Age Outlaws)

High Out:
   by  Nick Phipps    ( Dart Diggler)

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Shawn Elmore "Mo"22 Tongue Stunned...Still!
David Sheffield22 Dart Diggler
Boyd Dyer23 New Age Outlaws
Ronald Thrasher23 That Much
Matt Thrasher26 That Much

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Boyd Dyer21 New Age Outlaws
Steve Cuzzort16 The Other Team
David Sheffield16 Dart Diggler
Shawn Elmore "Mo"16 Tongue Stunned...Still!
Clay Garner15 Dart Diggler
Nick Phipps14 Dart Diggler
Tim Jackson13 The Other Team
Pat Main13 New Age Outlaws
Matt Thrasher13 That Much
Jeremiah Combs11 New Age Outlaws
Scott Clay11 Who Darted?
Ronald Thrasher11 That Much
Will Moore10 Dart Diggler
Bert Gann9 Who Darted?
Dewayne Merritt9 New Age Outlaws
Channan McClendon9 New Age Outlaws
Steve Mayer8 The Other Team
Dee Slonaker8 New Age Outlaws
Aaron Smith8 Who Darted?
Michael Perdue7 That Much
Larry Nolan7 Who Darted?
Caroline Jackson7 That Much
George Smith7 Who Darted?
Charles Sears6 That Much
Zane Langston5 Dart Diggler
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2017-09-13
That Much (5) New Age Outlaws (13) VFW Post #1289
Who Darted? (11) The Other Team (7) Mikes Hole In The Wall
Dart Diggler (16) Tongue Stunned...Still! (2) Mayos
week: 2 2017-09-20
New Age Outlaws (12) Who Darted? (6) Mitchs
The Other Team (7) Dart Diggler (11) Ronnies
Tongue Stunned...Still! (5) That Much (13) VFW Post #1289
week: 3 2017-09-27
Dart Diggler (7) New Age Outlaws (11) Mayos
Tongue Stunned...Still! (8) The Other Team (10) VFW Post #1289
Who Darted? (13) That Much (5) Mikes Hole In The Wall
week: 4 2017-10-04
New Age Outlaws (11) The Other Team (7) Mitchs
That Much (3) Dart Diggler (15) VFW Post #1289
Who Darted? Tongue Stunned...Still! Mikes Hole In The Wall 
week: 5 2017-10-11
The Other Team (9) That Much (9) Ronnies
Tongue Stunned...Still! (8) New Age Outlaws (10) VFW Post #1289
Dart Diggler (8) Who Darted? (10) Mayos
week: 6 2017-10-18
Tongue Stunned...Still! Dart Diggler VFW Post #1289 
The Other Team Who Darted? Ronnies 
New Age Outlaws That Much Mitchs 
week: 7 2017-10-25
Who Darted? New Age Outlaws Mikes Hole In The Wall 
Dart Diggler The Other Team Mayos 
That Much Tongue Stunned...Still! VFW Post #1289 
week: 8 2017-11-01
New Age Outlaws Dart Diggler Mitchs 
The Other Team Tongue Stunned...Still! Ronnies 
That Much Who Darted? VFW Post #1289 
week: 9 2017-11-08
The Other Team New Age Outlaws Ronnies 
Dart Diggler That Much Mayos 
Tongue Stunned...Still! Who Darted? VFW Post #1289 
week: 10 2017-11-15
That Much The Other Team VFW Post #1289 
New Age Outlaws Tongue Stunned...Still! Mitchs 
Who Darted? Dart Diggler Mikes Hole In The Wall 

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